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e l e a n o r

i am a bitter jamaicain princess who don't got no time for ya shit, watch out.


what’s with these people telling me I’m “full of myself”?? of course I’m full of myself what else is my body supposed to be full of



dionysus and apollo have quickly become two of my favourite greek gods 

so I looked them up and I found my new favourite picture 


look at their faces 

look at how fucking drunk dionysus is 

look at apollo 

look at his face

so judgmental 

i love it 

Wait a second…

Is that…


Important things in life


  • Tall boys
  • Boys who swim
  • Boys with green eyes
  • Boys with super cute smiles
  • Boys with beautiful back muscles
  • It’s Makoto Tachibana
  • Makoto Tachibana is so important
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